Month: August 2016

Is Running Harmful to Your Joint Health?

August 29th, 2016
It is a common belief that running is harmful to your joints. After all, it does seem to make sense. The forceful impact of each step on your knees and hips would seem like the logical explanation for the onset of osteoarthritis, the irreversible wearing of the cartilage in the joint. But this assumption is a myth. While the extra force of running might be concerning, studies show that running isn’t harmful to your joints. In fact, for healthy runners,...

A Cutting Edge Procedure That Has Revolutionized Ortho Surgery

August 29th, 2016
In the past decade, orthopedic surgery has evolved drastically. Rather than performing traditional open surgery to repair or replace joints, many orthopedic surgeons have opted for arthroscopy, a procedure that uses thin flexible instruments to view the inside of the joint and make repairs with minimal incisions. This leads to less pain and a shorter healing process. But while it has recently become more popular, this procedure is actually much older than you may think. In 1918, a Japanese professor...