Month: November 2016

How to Pick Up Your Grandkids Without Pain

November 28th, 2016
When grandchildren visit it’s a chance to strengthen your bond, teach them family traditions and just have fun. However, the physical reality of having young children in the house can be challenging. As we age, our knees, hips and other joints may become painful, and it can be difficult to move freely. This situation makes doing everyday things like picking up a child, bending over or sitting on the floor to play a game much more difficult and sometimes impossible....

Workplace Hazards: Top Job Situations That Might Lead to Joint Damage

November 22nd, 2016
Modern workplaces are known for putting workers at risk in different ways, but some injuries go beyond what you can readily perceive. Joint pain is a real problem for countless Americans, and their occupations could be making the situation worse. Here are some of the ways your job might be affecting you and a few potential solutions. Workplace Joint Pain Causes In many cases, joint pain symptoms are the result of MSDs, or musculoskeletal disorders. These conditions can impact areas...

Knee Cartilage: Why Your Knee Needs It

November 21st, 2016
Living an active lifestyle means you're going to get a few bumps and bruises from time to time. Often, the most frequent instances of joint pain occur in the knees. If you've sustained a knee injury or you have arthritis in your knees, you're no stranger to knee pain. Cartilage is the first line of defense in protecting your knees from life's little bumps. What does knee cartilage do? Your knees need cartilage to keep your femur and tibia from...

Jumpers Knee: What It Is and How to Treat It

November 16th, 2016
If you've ever played volleyball, basketball or been a runner, you've probably heard of something called “jumper's knee.” People commonly use the term “jumper's knee” to refer to two distinct conditions: patellar tendonitis and patellofemoral pain syndrome. What is Jumper's Knee? Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a general term for pain in the front of the knee and around the kneecap. Patellar tendinitis is inflammation of the patellar tendon. Patellofemoral pain syndrome is most often caused by abnormal contact and movement...

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis: Symptoms and Treatments

November 14th, 2016
One of the most common physical complaints is shoulder pain, especially from athletes and middle-aged people. Because the shoulder is made up of many tendons and muscles that allow for a wide range of motion, it is also vulnerable to many issues. The rotator cuff is a frequent source of shoulder pain. What is a Rotator Cuff? The rotator cuff is a group of four tendons that controls arm rotation and elevation. Your rotator cuff keeps your arm in your...

Tips for Traveling with Joint Pain

November 9th, 2016
Traveling can be a stressful experience on its own, but if you add joint pain to the equation, it can add up to an excruciating burden. From the cramped spaces on airplanes and trains to standing for long periods of time, it's easy to see how our joints could suffer the consequences. How can you prevent this pain? We have a few tips to help you travel as pain-free as possible this holiday season. Plan Ahead Planning is crucial when...