Stem cell science is an innovative treatment approach that involves utilizing stem cells to stimulate the body’s natural repair response.

Our doctors gladly educate patients on how physician directed stem cell therapy can become an alternative to invasive surgeries. You will learn what physician directed stem cell therapy actually is, how can it alleviate knee, hip, shoulder, or neck/back pain, and how the amniotic connective tissue matrix has contributed to great medical advances including reduced inflammation and improved functionality outcomes in orthopedic treatments.

Dr. Nick Willett is our chief science officer who specializes on Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine. The overall goal of Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics is providing people who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases and injuries with an alternative to major surgeries. Our main concern is that too many people turn to surgery while it can be avoided, and too many people live with severe pain while it can be alleviated.

Stem Cell Science

Contrary to popular belief, stem cell science does not involve the use of fetal or embryonic stem cells, but rather the use of stem cells derived from fat, bone marrow, cord blood and other sources. While there are many stem cell sources, not all stem cells are equal. In fact, stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood have the greatest ability to regenerate new tissue with little to no risk of rejection. These younger cells are far more powerful than the stem cells derived from fat and bone marrow, and they don’t require a donor match as is the case with many other types of stem cells.

In many instances, stem cell science is used to promote tissue healing and recovery for orthopedic patients, and for these patients in particular, the use of high quality, cord blood stem cells is vital to their speedy recovery.

Here at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics we use a viable cellular biological product designed for local delivery of powerful healing factors.

It is important to consider all options before committing to any medical procedure. Do not operate, first consult with a Medical Doctor to determine if Stem Cell Treatment is right for you. Too many people jump to surgery too quickly, don’t operate, take your time and consider all options.

Make a call and schedule the NO-COST consultation or attend our FREE seminar to learn how science becomes medicine. Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics wants every patient to be fully aware of impending treatment.

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