Our Mission

At Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics, our mission is to get you back to your active lifestyle without major surgery. To achieve this goal, our highly skilled board-certified orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and university scientists work together to integrate on a case by case basis the technologies of arthroscopy, regenerative medicine, and denervation into one streamlined process. This allows the patient to lead a pain-free life while maintaining their natural joint.

Unfortunately, joint replacements do not last forever, meaning chances are you will need another surgery during your lifetime. While it’s true that some people might need a joint replacement at some point in their life, it isn’t the only option available, and should rarely be considered as the first treatment option. As a team, we are the first to offer these three procedures as one comprehensive medical option.

In preserving the natural joint and targeting your body’s ability to heal, we allow you to get back to your active life, quicker and pain-free.

About Us

The board-certified orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and university scientists at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics implement minimally invasive procedures and regenerative techniques to target your body’s natural healing ability. Most frequently, joint surgery is dictated by the severity of the individual’s pain. ARO provides an alternative to major joint surgery, most commonly believed to be the only option for the severe pain caused by joint injuries and degenerative disorders.


Rather than replacing the natural joint with a procedure that won’t last a lifetime, the ARO process integrates multiple technologies to provide maximum benefit for the patient. This process improves motion while maintaining the natural joint. Our patient-centered, customized approach includes the options of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, medicine as well as denervation.

Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery consists of inserting an arthroscope, a thin tube with a camera and light at the end, through a small incision to evaluate the severity of damage.  Our techniques use a more natural approach to promote speedy healing. This technique also aids in preserving your natural anatomy. Denervation is the process of blocking the nerves that transmit pain to the brain by using radiofrequency or laser techniques.

The ARO Difference

While each of these technologies is well-known and medically founded on their own, the true ARO difference is in the cohesive integration of the three procedures into one process by our board-certified orthopedic surgeons and medical doctors. When combined, these advanced technologies offer a viable solution for those suffering from joint pain. The goal is to preserve your natural anatomy, aid in your body’s ability to heal damaged tissues and allow for restored mobility.  Learn more about conventional joint replacements, their dangers, and why they are not the only answer.


At ARO, our main priority is to get you back to your active lifestyle in the most comfortable and discreet way possible. For patients traveling from out of town, our hospitality staff will coordinate your transportation while in Tampa, to and from the airport, hotel and facility. You will meet with the doctors to discuss your treatment plan and ask any questions you might have. Next will come your medical procedures and surgical treatments. Finally, we will provide you with a check-up and assist you with the travel back to your home. Prior to your surgery, your follow-up appointments will have been scheduled with your primary care physician. If you will require physical therapy, those appointments also will have been coordinated by our staff. It really is that simple.

Next Steps

Would you like to learn more about this advanced alternative to major joint surgery? Take the first steps toward relieving your pain and restoring your mobility. Start by completing the no-cost X-ray or MRI review form or by calling to speak with a patient coordinator.  Please be sure to check out some of the various informational resources located on our website.