I had had an injury, I had fallen on my knee. So I knew I had a lot of muscle and ligament and whatever damage. And I wasn’t getting any better. It was from April till September and there were times when I was in a wheelchair or a walker because my knee was so bad.

When you have that kind of knee pain you don’t have confidence. I didn’t have confidence that my knees would support me. So I could walk and kind of grip my teeth and deal with the pain because I have hugh talents for pain. But I didn’t have confidence that my knee wouldn’t simply collapse. So it wasn’t just the pain but just insecurity of feeling as you are not able to have confidence in your step. You certainly can’t walk with any confidence you’re kind of waddling along like a penguin and I didn’t want to do that.

Three times with three different orthopedists I was recommended a knee replacement, bilateral knee replacements. And I just felt as if there should be something else I could do that would be an alternative to that. The only thing they said to me was knee replacement. I couldn’t understand why I had to have knee replacement and bilateral at that for an injury. I really didn’t beleive and didn’t want it. I didn’t need eight months ago or six months ago to have bilateral knee replacements.

The reason I didn’t want a knee replacement was because it’s surgery. You know they rip your knee apart then there is a huge recovery and maybe it works. And probably several months down the road you’ll be all right. But you’re always babying your knees because I’m in the pool everyday with people with these great big scars on their legs that say “I can’t do that because I have a knee replacement”. I didn’t want that. I wanted my healthy body to solve the problem. To heal itself.

I heard about ARO actually from my sister. She’d seen it on an ad on a Facebook I beleive and then she and I went to the website and looked at the first of all first and foremost credentials of the doctors and what stem cell therapy really was and then came to the seminar. The seminar was amazing, it was so informative, lots of pictures. I just felt like I was in school hearing about these things and it was so germane to my issue that it made me really veleive that I had an alternative to radical surgery.

The doctors and staff and ARO are just amazing. They are very attentive, accomodating, especially the doctors. And you know they know what they’re doing. I really was painfree from the beginning because if you have stem cells injection you also have the ablation so it just kind of helps the ablation. Helps to calm the pain or really do away with the pain. For a few months while the stem cells kick in and start doing their magic so I walked out od there with no problem at all and then started the physical therapy that was recommended. I loved the therapy and began to build up my muscles that would support the knees. And also it inspired me to loose weight because my main objective was to build up the muscles around it but also to take off the weigh that was pounding on these poor knees.

Now I walk easily 10.000 steps, sometimes 15.000 steps a day. I can walk 3 or 4 or 5 miles just anywhere, I have no trouble walking whatsoever. I can even kneel in church again, which is a big one. It’s been a long time since I was able to kneel in church. If I could talk to each one of them, the staff and the doctors and these scientists behind this. I never want to forget them. I would genuinely say “Thank you so much, I love you all because you really gave me back my life. I feel healthy. I don’t feel like I’m an old penguin waddling down the street any more. I’m motivated to be healthier and you guys did it for me. Thank you!”