Louise (YT)

In January I turned my rotator cuff and that let to having the surgery. If you have severe pain – you cannot sleep laying down, because when the shoulder drops you get pain. You’re not getting a good night sleep and and you cannot raise your arm at all. It is very difficult to do all the housework.
I knew it should be repaired. The question was that who should do the repair and how.

I started to search who are the organization that actually do the stem cells. It seems to me that all the latest success was in regeneration. Here we have people who’s been practicing for years. And they have no history of malpractice claims, that’s incredibly important. The atmosphere in this office is so low-key. First I met with dr. Dean. He explains every single thing, all ARO options available to you. He takes as much time with you as you possibly could need. My doctors took hours with me, explaining everything that was going to go on. If you have any questions – you can always ask them. There is an incredibly woman Regina who calls you and reminds you of your appointments. I have never seen such incredibly inclusive pre-surgery instructions. They have a much better understanding of a person.

The surgery center is incredible. Everybody there was very good. Everything is done very quickly. I wore sling for 6 weeks, and then took it off for my recovery. Doctor gave me the pictures of my shoulder before and after. The next day I came and got me stem cells injection. And I was healed!
What does it mean to me? It means a freedom. I’m looking forward getting in the swimming pool.

I think that if anyone has problems with their knees, their hips or shoulders – they absolutely should come to this practice. They will find people who will spend time with them. You will not be by yourself here. I think that this is an amazing group and I would recommend it to anyone.