Stanley Rock (MI)

My name is Stanley Rock, Pickle Ball is definitely my passion. I found out very quickly it is a wonderful game. I started playing it every week on a regular basis. I started playing in four different leagues and then all of a sudden the knee went out and I couldn’t do that any more. Every time I would plant my feet I would have a stabbing pain in my knee. My knee just hurt all the time.

When I first started this journey I thought I was going to have my knee cut out and replaced with a mechanical knee. And I know a lot of friends who have had that done. Being told that you need a knee replacement is in some way a pretty scary. I didn’t want to do that but I needed to do something because every day I was getting worse and worse, more and more pain, the medications weren’t helping…

That was the one reason that when I heard about the stem sell treatment i said “Wow! Let’s go check that out!”. Locally Dr. Dean did a seminar in our community center, my wife and I attended it and listened to his presentation about the regenerative orthopedics using stem cells. I was greatly impressed by the presentation. Dr. Dean had just a wells of information, facts that you just can’t argue with. He gave us history of the process and it was and overwhelming positive expierence.

The procedure that Dr. Dean and his staff did on me was to inject stem cells into the knee, and to do neuroablation of the knee nerves that transmit the pain from within the joint. I hubbled in to the procedure room and after the procedure I walked out like I never had anything wrong the pain was absolutely gone and it was amazing! From that time on it just gets better and better.

My impression of the doctors and all of the staff – they are all a wondeful bunch of people. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them, they are friendly. When they tell you they are going to call you – they call you, if you call and ask a question you get an answer. I left in about a week after having a procedure, went back to Michigan for the summer and over the summer Dr. Dean called me several times to check up on my progress. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with.

The procedure allowed me to get back on a court. It’s hardly even tell you how much that means to me. It’s my favourite thing to do. Now I can do it again and I can do it without pain. I’m 11 months after treatment and I’m happy!