Susan (YT)

I knew I was injured on October 30th. I was riding my new bicycle and I was going up to one hill on a neighborhood. I felt something in my right hip area cracked and I knew something was wrong. The next day the hip still hurt, but I went to work and I set down for about 2 hours. After I stand up suddenly I couldn’t walk. Now the knee was swollen. I knew that feeling because I had torn meniscus in my left knee 2 years ago. It’s a horrible thing when you can’t walk. I was willing to tolerate the pain and do what I could with Advil: swimming and doing physical therapy. Before I did a really intelligent and well-educated opinion. I did not want to have a total knee replacement if I didn’t have to. Any time the cut into the body, it is serious. I knew plenty of people who had knee replacements and they told me how painful it was. I heard good stories and I heard horror stories.

Even the simplest thing like walking was painful. I had pain shooting through my right knee. I was hobbling, I couldn’t even walk like a normal person. When I sat down, I went to get back up because it was incredibly painful. When we went to restaurants and I needed to stand up from the chair, I felt like I was 99 years old. And less you’ve had that knee pain, it’s very hard for people to sympathize. They would watch me grimace and make faces while I was trying to stand up and they felt sorry for me. But they didn’t understand that the type of excruciating pain I as in.

It was really depressing and painful at the same time. Everybody’s looking at me saying “Sue, just go get that knee replaced. Yo need to have it replaced. Just get it done.” And I was like “ok, I will get it. I will make a research about it after Christmas.” And that’s what I did. I talked to a friend of mine and she said “Sue, there is a great doctor in Tampa.” She gave me his name. She gave me his phone number. She highly recommended him.

I called the phone number and Regina from ARO answered the phone. I was quiet surprised, I’ve never heard of Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. I thought “this sounds cool. I like that.” She said “I recommend you to come in and get the free consultation, free review of your MRI and your X-rays and than you can decide.” She said that they do minimally invasive procedures. That was like music to my ears. When I first met with the doctor here in ARO, I was very impressed. I was impressed the facility, I was impressed the punctuality. I didn’t have to wait very long to see the doctor. He reviewed my MRI and my X-rays and came in and told me two things. 1. I was too young for total knee replacement. (I loved that, because on the other side I was told I was too old and I’d better have the knee replaced) 2. that the knee wasn’t that bad. That they could do the denervation process and clean up the torn meniscus. And then do the stem sell injections. I asked about the stem sell injections because I have never heard of that before. And he told me that the stem sell injections would regenerate the cartilage and a bone in my knee. And that I have good enough cartilage in there to regenerate for long term effects and long term improvement on my knee.

The team here at ARO is fantastic. They are very clear, explaining what they can do and how they are going to do it. They took the time to explain that to me. I liked the fact that they have been orthopedic surgeons in the past and they have done just meniscus repair, perhaps even total knee replacement. But they are looking at new and different ways to improve people’s lives without doing the total knee replacement.

Overall, I’ve had an extremely positive outcome. I was happy that I was able to bend it, I was able to seat, able to do normal things. I was just thrilled. I couldn’t say enough about Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. I went into retirement that was going to have a better possibility of having a healthy knee. Being able to walk and enjoying my grandchildren. And I am thrilled to help share the story, because I think it’s one of hopes and I think it’s great for the health of anybody. Because we need our knees to walk. I need these kneed to work for my children and grandchildren and enjoy the rest of my life.