Vilma (YT)

Several years ago my knee started to hurt. I was playing in the park with the children and I twisted my ankle. It started to hurt. Eventually the swelling went down, it took about 6 months and I thought I was better. After 2 months of not being able to walk, pain came back. So intense that I couldn’t even stand. So it’s been a lot of years. And a lot of different doctors, I’ve lost counts of MRIs. I was told that I was getting old a that this is normal arthritics. I felt like giving up, hopeless. It was very depressing. I stopped going out, I was just stuck.

After meeting dr. Mirabello, they discussed with me the options of surgery. At first I thought it can’t get any worse. I didn’t know if they were really able to help me. But when I thought about my position, I realized that they can’t make it any worse. So I was going to give this a try. After meeting the doctors, after my surgery I feel like I have new life. I can walk again, I’m looking forward to do many activities, I wasn’t able to do previously because of the pain I had on my left leg. It is an incredible feeling of freedom. And being able to walk again is amazing.

I cannot express the gratitude and a feeling of joy that I have inside to doctors who helped me here and taken away this pain from me. Anybody who’s in pain should come and get their MRIs reviewed and see if there is a possibility that they can help you. I don’t have enough words to say how grateful I feel. Thank you!