Frank - Fort Myers, FL
My name is Frank and this is my story. My right knee cartilage was gone. I was bone-to-bone. The pain was unbearable. I went to doctors and they wanted to do surgery they wanted put out official knee, I didn't want to go that way. ARO changed my life. I had a stem cell procedure done and now I'm…
- Frank - Fort Myers, FL

Stanley Rock - Michigan
My name is Stanley Rock, Pickle Ball is definitely my passion. I found out very quickly it is a wonderful game. I started playing it every week on a regular basis. I started playing in four different leagues and then all of a sudden the knee went out and I couldn't do that any more. Every time I…
- Stanley Rock - Michigan

Orchid P - Tampa, FL
All too often with degenerative joint issues such as arthritis or meniscal tears, the immediate solution is replacement. What can be expected in replacement surgery is a long and involved surgical procedure followed by weeks to months of rehabilitation and a long recovery period. Many times…
- Orchid P - Tampa, FL

Vilma - Tampa, FL
Several years ago my knee started to hurt. I was playing in the park with the children and I twisted my ankle. It started to hurt. Eventually the swelling went down, it took about 6 months and I thought I was better. After 2 months of not being able to walk, pain came back. So intense that I…
- Vilma - Tampa, FL

Dr. Nathan - Lutz, FL
I’ve been having knee pain for several years. And I’ve been getting injections in the knee and they seem to last maybe about 3-4 weeks the most. After that the pain would return in my knee. And I was told by several doctors that I needed total knee replacement, because I have bone on bone.…
- Dr. Nathan - Lutz, FL

Louise - Naples, FL
In January I turned my rotator cuff and that let to having the surgery. If you have severe pain - you cannot sleep laying down, because when the shoulder drops you get pain. You’re not getting a good night sleep and and you cannot raise your arm at all. It is very difficult to do all the…
- Louise - Naples, FL

Susan - The Villages, FL
I knew I was injured on October 30th. I was riding my new bicycle and I was going up to one hill on a neighborhood. I felt something in my right hip area cracked and I knew something was wrong. The next day the hip still hurt, but I went to work and I set down for about 2 hours. After I stand up…
- Susan - The Villages, FL

Connie - Spring Hill, FL
Over 3 years ago I had developed severe pain in both knees and the left knee was worse. So I was told I needed open knee surgery. A replacement knee surgery. It went awful, it was terrible. They didn’t treat me up, it still hurts till this day. And it’s over 3 years ago. At the same time the…
- Connie - Spring Hill, FL

Lilian - Spring Hill, FL
I had had an injury, I had fallen on my knee. So I knew I had a lot of muscle and ligament and whatever damage. And I wasn't getting any better. It was from April till September and there were times when I was in a wheelchair or a walker because my knee was so bad. When you have that kind of knee…
- Lilian - Spring Hill, FL

Gil D - Tampa, FL *

Earlier this year I injured my knee playing basketball. I'm in my mid-forties and generally a physically active person. My knee injury wasn't initially painful but I immediately noticed swelling and heard a lot of popping and clicking as I walked. I went for an initial consultation with an Orthopedist in my area and was told that it was a possible meniscus tear in my right knee but to wait for a month to see if it heals on it's own. Fast forward 1 month and the popping and clicking sounds were still there. The Orthopedist sent me for an MRI which confirmed a meniscus tear which meant I possibly needed surgery. Around this same time I learned about Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. I gave Dr. Robert Dean a call and explained my situation. I then sent my MRI to him and he contacted me to tell me that I was an ideal candidate for their procedure. After initially hearing that I may need surgery, I became fearful about how that would impact my active lifestyle. Questions such as would my amount of physical activity be limited post surgery, would I need physical therapy, and how long would the recovery process take were all keeping me up at night. Dr. Dean took the time to explain to me about the science of regenerative medicine and how it may help speed the recovery process, what the surgery process was like and the science behind their procedures. I was immediately put at ease after talking to him.

I decided to consult further with ARO and traveled down to Tampa, FL to be more closely examined by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steven Mirabello. Any remaining fears I had were put to rest after my exam with Dr. Mirabello. He showed me in great detail what was happening with my knee and assured me that the procedure to repair the meniscus tear was straight forward. Additionally he told me that he expected me to have a full recovery and saw no reason why I should not be able to return to my normal active lifestyle.

I scheduled the surgery and was able to fly back home 2 days after the procedure. Through out the entire process I felt cared for and it ended up being much simpler then I had expected. As expected, there was swelling and bruising after the surgery but I was able to walk around. In fact I walked out of the surgical center after the surgery was completed. The popping and clicking sounds that I had been experiencing were gone immediately. I personally do not like strong prescription pain medication so I opted for Ibuprofen which worked out fine for treating my pain.

Roughly one month after surgery I was fully mobile and had full range of motion back. Two months after surgery I began to take short walks several times a week with no pain. About four months after surgery I was able to push myself more and more every day with no pain. I began to play basketball again and regain my physically active lifestyle.

Based on my experience at ARO I would highly recommend their orthopedic services. My experience with both Dr. Dean and Dr. Mirabello far exceeded all expectations. It was so refreshing to have competent physicians actually take the time to listen to and address all of my fears and concerns. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have my knee working again and to be fully functional.

Frances V - Tampa, FL *

Incredible is the word! I did not expect such an immediate and total relief from pain, but was delighted when I stepped off the table after the treatment to find the total absence of pain. I was in shock for the first few days, expecting the pain to return at every step. It did not, and I am full of happiness. I hope everyone who chooses this treatment can feel the same joy.

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